First week update

July 17, 2010 at 10:22 pm Leave a comment

As I’m working hard to promote Bump To Bundle my original shop Sweetbabylula has been left by the wayside. I can’t keep them both running but I have almost 3 months left of my contract for hosting Sweetbabylula so it will be there until then. Now I’m feeling quite sad as though I’m abandoning the site, but Bump To Bundle is working so much better for me. It’s not a time for sentimentality.

I can do so much more on Bump To Bundle, adding products is easer and I can add size and colour options to each on, I could even add personalization if needed. None of which I could do before, it’s daft really, such simple needs. The site itself is easier to edit (and quicker) and I can still continue working on my own original site (rather than a template) as I will be able to add it when I’m ready. There is also a really good community associated with the hosting, I’ve already been asking questions and linking up with other members on Facebook and Twitter, the advice on the forum is great.

Bump To Bundle is also starting to show up in the search engines already. I’m working really hard on promotion but if I can get good places in searches then I may not have to work so hard. At the moment I know most of my visitors are friends, or friends from my social networks. It will be good when visitors start arriving more from search engines.

Another place where I have been getting lots of information on running a business and promoting it is Start Up Donut. The resources there are fantastic and so easy to understand. I follow them on Twitter and click on their links to articles and information, but I also signed up their site for their monthly newsletter and I visit regularly to read and learn. I recommend them to anyone trying to run a business.


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