Tiny Steps

June 29, 2010 at 2:23 pm Leave a comment

As a normally optimistic person (don’t read last post) I find even tiny steps rewarding and this weekend I’ve been making tiny steps with my business and thinks are looking up. Even all the dropped orders at the checkout don’t seem so bad now, at least I can see that people are looking and thinking about purchasing even if they don’t make the final step and part with their cash. It all makes it worth while when your first orders arrive. My visitor log is getting bigger and healthier and I’m sure their will be more buyers soon.

I had to finish my sale today. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find continuous sales make me a little suspicious. There are a few shops that I pass all the time and they constantly have a sale on. It just annoys me, why not just have cheaper products instead of passing them off as sale items? I wanted to start the shop of with a little boost so I cut my profit margin and gave everything a sale price. But now I’ve changed them back to the recommended retail prices apart from a few bargains on my homepage. Each week I will choose different items and offer a bigger discount rather than discounting all the items. Of course there will ultimately be sales when I need to move on to new stock as the seasons change. I can see some getting ready for Autumn/Winter already. That’s something else that bugs me, I’m probably on my own on this one though, but I hate it when I want to get some last minute summer things in July and I can only find winter stock. I don’t want to buy sweaters and coats in July I still want t-shirts and shorts. I’m going to face a drastic weight change in August and it’s going to be warm for at least a couple of months (told you I was optimistic) and I bet I wont’ be able to find anything new to wear.

Oh dear I’m ranting now, lol, bear with me, I am pregnant you know 🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to update that I am now feeling a lot more optimistic and confident with my shop. I’m keen now to get working on the new website so I can have it looking just how  I want.


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