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Sweetbabylula blog is moving! I now have a new home here

I hope you will come and join us!


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Sweetbabylula’s blog

IF you’ve been with me since the beginning you will know that my shop was once called Sweetbabylula. From that I started up this blog alongside to chart my progress from the very beginning. When I changed the name of my shop, and my website host I pondered on wether I should start a new blog but I felt that as this was the story as told from the beginning I should keep it the same.

Now I’m having second thoughts.

Should I start a new blog inline with my shop or just keep going with this one?

Answers on a postcard please!

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Bracelet Competition

Here are the results of the bracelet competition in pictures;


we got the bag of contestants names ready for the draw

The hand goes in to draw the winner

now hold up the name...ooops you moved your hands before I took the picture

no, can't see that, I'll turn off the camera flash

no, still can't see the name, one more try

ok, I give up, that will have to do



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Getting There

I’m really begining to feel as though I’m getting somewhere now. The shop is looking more like I want it to look, it’s amazing how the smallest tweeks can make such a difference. My stock has increased dramatically and I feel for the first time that I know where I am going. I’ve got so much more to add in the coming weeks and months. First I was worried that I was adding too much but once I get everything sorted properly I believe that I will be offering enough to appeal to a much larger customer base. Organisation is the key. I guess there will be loads more tweeking going on around the site before I get it completely right but at present I’m feeling quite confident that I can do it.

I’m also learning so much about SEO (search engine optimisation) I’ve done a fair bit of promotion in the past but methods have changed a lot, and I really want to target visitors to the shop, just getting page clicks isn’t enough anymore.

Of course I could pay someone to do all of this for me, the website would look more professional and the site would rank higher, but in all honestly I do not have the spare cash. I’d rather get it done myself and earn a sense of achievement and save my cash for other necessities. I love learning and I’m already thinking that if I can learn enough to do well at this then I can offer to help others do the same. That would be  lovely.

Soon I think I will write an update on my journey from the start, what I wanted, what I’ve acheived and what I want to do next.

In the meantime I’m running another competition on Facebook so if you want the chance to win a gorgeous personalised bracelet for a baby or child then go and enter.

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All Change!

Well, after some deliberation, and advice from Twitter and Facebook friends, I’ve decided to go for a home page on Bump To Bundle. I’ve designed it myself so it’s not brilliant, but it’s a starting point and will probably be changed frequently until I get it right. Any comments or advice gratefully recieved.

I’ve also moved some things around within the shop catagories. I needed to make more space for extra catagories so I’m putting things together. For example I now have a baby and children’s clothing catagory rather than one for each. Two new categories are my Toy Shop and Sale, and I’m working on a Christmas category.

I’m holding an end of season sale of baby and children’s clothing and there are plenty of bargains to be had which you can check out here.

I’m really excited about adding toy shop. So far I’m stocking Moover and Kidditech, but I’ve some more ranges in the pipeline which I hope I can get up quickly to catch the Christmas market.

Moover toys are wooden baby toys that you build yourself. I’m stocking prams, walkers, dump trucks, baby trucks and rocking horses.

Moover toys, pram, wooden toys

Moover Pram

Kidditech is a brightly coloured, fun and unique construction system. I’m stocking 7 different sets in a range of sizes.

kidditech, building toys, constructions kit, toys


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Looking Good

Things are looking good for Bump To Bundle. We are now making some nice sales and getting lots of visitors on a daily basis. I can see all my hard work beginning to pay off and it feels good.

This week saw the launch of Kiddiebase, a new site displaying a collection of shops for mum’s, babies and children. There are so many lovely shops on there I’m proud to have Bump To Bundle among them. The site is sure to do well, with everyone contributing to it’s success. If you’ve not heard of Kiddiebase then get yourself over there and take a look.

This week also saw the births of two little baby boys, one to my friend Theresa, and one to Karen from Kiddiebase. Congratulations to them both.

My Facebook and Twitter accounts are growing wonderfully too. My next goals are 1000 followers on Twitter and 300 likers on Facebook. Once I reach my Facebook goal I’ll be running another competition.

My newsletter is also growing. I love adding extra benefits to those that bother to sign up and read their mailings. In the latest issue I have set up a subscriber only competition as well as offering a free gift to all customers of Bump To Bundle. So if you haven’t subscribed already please do. There will only be a maximum of two mailings per month and I never sell or pass on subscribers details.

As we are fast approaching Christmas (99 days today) I have started to add a couple of little christmas things to the store and I’m in the process of setting up a Toy Shop.

Also, I have changed my baby bouquets and baby cakes. From now on I will be making the bouquets myself and I have Nicki from Babycakes Bakery making the cakes for me.

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Update and More Additions

Well, my shop is chugging along nicely now. I’ve really enjoyed setting it up and watching it grow.

My favourite jobs are researching and adding stock. I love it when the shop expands with new goodies. It’s hard not to want to keep everything for myself, especially now that my baby is here.

I also enjoy promoting my shop, it can get tedious sometimes, and sometimes I feel as though I’ve run out of fresh ideas for promotion. I have to keep going though because I can really tell the difference in the number of visitors to my shop on the days I’ve done a lot of promotion.

I’ve also been working on my Baby Bouquets, I just wish I had more time to do them. Once I have a nice selection I will photograph them and add them to the site in place of the ones already there. I do love the ones I’m selling but I so want to add a personal touch and make something myself. I’m teaming up with someone else to provide the handmade Baby Cakes. I would like to make these too but there are just not enough hours in the day.

I have ideas of what I want to do in the future but I seem to be drawn in two different directions. I may have to either divide my shop in two, or set up another shop. Something I need to think about.

This weeks new products are Buggy Buddy Clips and Buggy Buddy Locks. Useful little items and of course I want some too!

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